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Moments of joy moments of pain

bringing the sunshine departing the rain

the way you smile, a heavenly sight

the eyes that twinkle, like stars so bright

the brush of your lips I can't deny

the touch of your hand that makes me sigh

the laugh in your throat that left too soon

the love on your face that hung the moon

nobility strong, pride so true

the heart that won't stop what 's inside of you

passion emerging by dark of night

the essence you give that makes it seem right

I cannot forget so what should I do 

to try and escape these moments of you.


Eyes devour you deep within

call to your soul, "let  me in"

lips so soft, feel like a feather

as you hope it last it last forever

hands caress each part of you

you gaze inside those pools of blue

tenderness takes a brand new height

your body so weak as if in flight

what it the thumping in your chest 

buried just beneath your breast

is it your heart beating so

you thought it left a long time ago

as heavenly bliss awashes your face

you'll never want to leave this place

you open up yet wonder why,

Love has found you deep inside

To Kyle & all of my girls, & Hank.

 "Friends like you"

Friends like you are really sweet

Give great advice and make you complete

They pray for you when things are bad

And praise accomplishment when your glad

they offer a shoulder when you need to cry

and never make you wonder why

they give awesome hugs that feel so good

you ache to meet them and wish you could

they are there when your in a bind

thats why friends like you are so hard to find.

Love Mary

 "Love Sustaining"

Since you have come its opened my heart

Its hard to tell just where it starts

The day to day feeling of passion inside

a sense a great joy my soul will abide

no one before has taken me to flight

that way that you have each starry night

desire and longing fill my dreams

impatiently dawn tries to stand so supreme

my whimpers and cries  are weary and waining 

as my love for you is always sustaining.


Amazingly rich and subtle charm

the knight protecting me from harm

pride of royalty, noble & strong

In his arms is where I belong

swiftly acute, his senses may be 

his pleasure awaiting the passion in me

tenderness and grace are first to appear

anger just below an animal to fear

strikingly sexy with eyes that glow

your heart starts to open 

and love starts to grow

accepting and kind, understanding your soul

caught in his trance you sigh don't ever go!!

 "You Bring me Joy"

Seeing your smile lights up my heart

leading out of the loneliness dark

your sensitive eyes like a little boy

move through my soul as  you bring me joy

your cascading hair with curls of red

are with me in dreams I take to my bed

I try to be gracious and not too coy

always remember that you bring me joy

If you were to go there would be a void

with all that you do, you give me joy!

Memories of you flow through with no choice

embedded forever cause you bring me joy!!

 "Winter Romance"

standing outside in the bonechilling air

snow falling around us like a silent prayer 

you pull me close with loving care

and whisper sweet words into my ear

the trees how they glisten 

the moonlight so bright

as stars run and hide while you hold me tight

you kiss my lips with snow flakes in your hair

and give me the love I've longed to share!!

 "When I Dream"

I dream of long warm summer nights

seeing you glow in warm moonlight

I walk up the stairs and into your arms

while you embrace me with all your charms

I feel your arms around my waist

as I turn around and see your face

your lips caress my mouth so tender 

ino you I wait to surrender

you guide me to your bed so soft

in sweet rapture I am lost 

but then I wake only to find 

that it was only in my mind


Time will pass the future unknown

you will grow from what you've shown

with each new character you will find

Henry will never leave our minds

This character cemented the man you are 

you've earned every right to that walk of fame star

your graceful balance of drama and wit

give us a glimpse of your unique gift

and though your career will shine unledgible

to those you touch, you will be unforgettable

 "Time Well Spent" 

If I had a chance to spend a day with you

We'd go horseback riding , cruise around, and shoot some pool

We'd walk along the ocean and get our feet all wet

then we'd sit with sand between our toes and watch the sun set

I'd have you take me dancing and we'd dine on lobster and mints

and as you kiss my lips goodbye  would you know what it meant

to have this blessed day with you and say it was well spent.